Smart Nudge

About Smart Nudge Never lose your phone again!

What is Smart Nudge™?

The most effective loss prevention solution for your BLE iPhone, iPad and Samsun Galaxy S3 etc. Any valuable items tagged with Smart Nudge™ will alarm your phone when you leave the valuable behind.

Furthermore, a find feature is available to locate misplaced items using your Smartphone's Smart Nudge™ App. Press the "Find Me" button, causing the Smart Nudge™ to ring and help you locate the missing item.

Why Smart Nudge™?

The world's first key fob compatible with not only Applie iPhone 4S but also Samsung Galaxy S3. The most slim, compact size and diversity range of products line-up with every sophisticated design. USer-friendly features, easy to use and fully reliable performance based on a long term experience in wireless communication.